AMD's new chip aims at the throne of market leader Nvidia, can it threaten it?

AMD’s new chip aims at the throne of market leader Nvidia, can it threaten it?

AMD and their new chips

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), targeting the growing chip market dominated by the latest addition to the billionaire club, Nvidia, has introduced new so-called accelerator chips. According to company representatives, they can run artificial intelligence software faster than competing products.

The company introduced the long-awaited series called MI300. CEO Lisa Su also gave a staggering forecast for the size of the AI chip industry, saying it could soar to more than $400 billion in the next four years. That’s twice as much as the projection AMD provided in August of this year. This shows how quickly expectations for AI hardware are changing.

The launch is one of the most important in AMD’s fifty-year history. Such chips help develop AI models by feeding them with data, a task they can handle more skillfully than traditional computer processors. Building AI systems is now within reach, said Lisa Su. However, the deployment of the technology is still at the beginning. Assessing the impact on productivity and other aspects of the economy will take time, she said.

AMD is showing growing confidence that the MI300 lineup can win over some of the biggest names in tech, potentially shifting billions of dollars away from the competition and toward AMD. Customers using the processors may include companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Meta, company officials said.

The battle between the two giants in the field of graphics and computing chips, AMD and Nvidia, continues with increasing intensity. Both companies are known for their advanced technologies and products that improve gaming and professional computing. However, the recent news of these companies often also concern the field of artificial intelligence (AI), where an interesting battle for innovation and dominance is taking place.

AMD and their new chips
AMD recently introduced its new Radeon RX 6000 series of graphics cards, which are built on the RDNA 2 architecture. These cards are characterized by excellent performance in gaming, but they have not forgotten the needs in the field of AI. The new RDNA 2 architecture brings improved support for ray tracing and powerful computing, which are important for artificial intelligence applications. AMD is also working on the development of new CPU chips and accelerators to improve their position in the field of AI.

Nvidia and their AI revolution
Nvidia has long been one of the leaders in artificial intelligence, thanks to its CUDA GPU architecture and the Nvidia AI platform. Their chips from the Nvidia A100 series, built on the Ampere architecture, are considered the best in computing power for AI applications. In addition, Nvidia introduced its Tensor Core chip, which is specially designed for fast processing of neural networks and artificial intelligence. Their products are used in scientific research, medicine, autonomous vehicles and many other areas of AI.

The battle for artificial intelligence

AMD's new chip aims at the throne of market leader Nvidia, can it threaten it?

AMD and Nvidia are focusing on innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and are trying to establish themselves as leaders in this fast-growing industry. Both companies are investing in the development of new technologies and products to enable faster and more efficient data processing for AI applications.

AMD is trying to increase the performance of its GPU and CPU chips to become competitive with Nvidia in the field of AI. Their efforts to strengthen their position in this area became visible with the introduction of new products and technologies.

Nvidia, on the other hand, is not stopping and is still expanding its product offering aimed at AI applications. Its Tesla GPU and DGX systems are widely used in various industries where AI plays a key role.


The battle between AMD and Nvidia in the field of chips and their applications in the field of artificial intelligence is a remarkable example of competition that greatly benefits technological progress. Both companies invest in research and development, which leads to new innovations and technologies that allow us to better exploit the potential of artificial intelligence. The result is the rapid development of AI applications and systems that help us solve complex problems in today’s world.

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